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In the recent scenario, it is being seen that finding gay dating sites are becoming more of a hassle because most of the sites are illegal and faking. But Silverdaddies is one of the premium gay dating sites which is one of the best forums for the mature gay men, and you can find the best of your match in here. Silverdaddies has been in the business for the last 16 years, and there has been no looking back since the day of its launch. It has a number of sexy daddies and men whom you will find very lucrative. The website is placed in the USA, and it has age restrictions- but you will be able to avail this website from wherever you want to. Silver daddies gallery is updated day-in and day-out, so you always get to have the best of additions whenever you are visiting the gallery.

How does Silverdaddies work?

Silverdaddies is one of the most premium dating sites for men; it is one of the most exclusive sites for gay people to contact each other and have an incredible time together. You can create your own profile and search for the kind of men that you want. Here you can have an array of options to choose from, which is the reason why you can be sexually satisfied with this website.

In this website, you will be able to search for the profiles by mentioning a location or by confining the age of the individuals what you want to catch up with. You can like younger men or older men, and you will get both kinds of the same. The first thing that you have to do is to log in or create a new profile on silverdaddies which takes just a few minutes. After that, you can either go for the trial subscription the monthly subscription or the quarterly subscription, whichever suits you the most.

Once you are done, you can scroll from the galleries of various men’s profiles, and start connecting with them instantly. Here you can talk about all your sexual issues and the kind of desires that you have without any restrictions because the community is comprising of a vast liberal-minded group and you will never be judged.

The only thing that you have to make sure is that you are at least 18 years of age and you are not verbally abusing or harassing any other individual in the group. If the silverdaddies website moderator finds that any such case is happening, then they will take strict action, and you might be banned permanently without any refund. Also, while posting any kind of content you have to remember that the content should not invade the privacy policy of the website, and also it should not be the same or cause any illegal activity. Promotional contents are strictly banned in this website which is the reason why it is not allowed by the administrator of the website.

Silverdaddies Features:

  • The search segment is up to the mark which means that you will be able to find the right kind of person that you are looking for. The featured pictures are changed at least 10 times a day which is incredible.
  • You can choose from the best of young amateurs and the experienced daddies so that you can make your choice and be sexually satisfied on . Talking with them and doing nasty things virtually might be a way in which you can explore sexually.
  • You can chat on this website for free which means that you get to know a person even before meeting up thus saving the time and money to a great extent.
  • All you have to do is to choose the person you want to meet up and start chatting- the user interface is that simple!
  • The video info is absolutely clear because you get to have 262 videos in total and each of them are in MP4 format. The videos can vary from being amateur to absolutely high-quality full-screen ones, but the best fact is that they are compatible with most of the mobiles. The streaming videos are taken in the size of 640 X 360, and there is entirely no DRM used.
  • As far as the pictures, info is ,concerned; then there are 19 picture sets. Some pictures of absolutely high quality and they have a number of sizes to choose from 950 X 633, 950 X 712 and 712 x 950. There are a lot of downloadable zip files, and yet there are no slideshows. It is not at all necessary that you will have to download the entire set, and the pictures can be individually downloaded as well.
  • In this silverdaddies, you will also be able to get a lot of Bonus content because it is linked with 23 other bonus sites with at least 7000 related videos and about 2000 picture gallery so that the user is never bored.
  • The number of website issues which gives a positive impact on the users because when you are joining the website, you will be able to avail already checked offers. It is true that the trial segment will not give you the complete access to the website and you will have to pay 12 dollars more, what the kind of services that you will be getting will make sure that it is worth the cost.

Pricing factor of the silverdaddies

  • The first thing that used to understand is trial membership is not at all a profitable thing to do, and it is always recommended that you go for silverdaddies standard membership if you do not want to pay more.
  • Please notice the pre-checked options on the sign-up page and remember to uncheck them if you do not want added subscriptions of any other website.
  • The trial will cost you $1, and after every 30 days, there will be a recurring of 39.95 dollars.
  • Monthly you will have to pay about 27.95 Dollars.
  • if you want a quarterly subscription, then you will have to pay 59.95 Dollars,


  • Daily updation happens in the featured and the silverdaddies gallery section
  • This means you will be able to get new and new photos and videos every day so that you are never bored every time you step into the website.
  • It is absolutely free to even go for the chatting section
  • The chatting section is free so that you do not have to be apprehensive before connecting with an individual like you.
  • The registration is a matter of minutes on silver daddies
  • The registration process is absolutely hassle-free which is the reason why most people love to go for this gay dating site. It will not take you long to start connecting with the other silverdaddies of this website.
  • There are a number of hairy men mature guys and daddy’s to choose from and the people who identify themselves as they would love to have this forum.
  • The videos of absolutely downloadable so that you can keep it stored in your computer or mobiles and watch them whenever you like. The direct links are given on the website only, and you will not be redirected to other sites.
  • You can indulge in simultaneous downloading because, has the capacity to go for more than 4 simultaneous downloads. Gone are the days when you had to wait for one video to get downloaded so that you could move on to the other.
  • The videos are absolutely compatible with most mobiles, and therefore it becomes very comfortable for the users to remain connected on this website for long.
  • If you are a fully paid member, then as a bonus you will also get the connection to a huge pornographic network which you can enjoy every single day.


  • It has to be paid for if you choose some option other than chatting for contacting the individual and getting the details of the same.
  • In some cases, you might not find suitable matches in your member area which can be a bit disappointing.
  • All the trial members will only get limited access to the website which is why you will not be able to understand whether silverdaddies is the right kind of website for you or not.
  • Even in the trial segment, you will have to pay 12 dollars more than the regular website. This can seem a little bit burdensome
  • In some cases, you might not get updated about the website every single time.
  • Since there is a variation in the range of videos you might get to see some videos which are very small and of average quality, so that can cause a bit of disappointment.
  • While visiting the silver daddies most of the uses of complaint to that the advertisements are too many and most of the videos stop because of this popup advertisement every now and then.

Frequently asked questions about silver daddies

  1. How can we create a profile in silver daddies?
    It Is incredibly easy to create a profile because all you have to do is to click the new profile button on the navigation area. If you do not see that option, then click on my profile option instead and you will be able to log in and given a form. Once you fill the way and make the payment all you have to do is to verify, and you have already joined hands with
  2. How can I be featured on this website?
    If you really want to get yourself featured then you all you have to do is to create a particular profile that will seem attractive to the users, and the number of clicks you have the more you are chances becomes greater to be featured on this website.
  3. Is this silverdaddies website absolutely safe to be used?
    It is one particular question that has been asked by many, and you have to understand that it is obviously safe to be used until and unless you tell about your credentials to someone absolutely strange. The privacy policy of this website is worth appreciation, and that is why you can be absolutely sure that your details will not reach other people until and unless you give consent. Of course, it is not a website that is to be dealt with by the children or anyone below the age of 18, so be careful about that part.
  4. Can you have anonymity on this website?
    If in any case, you want to be anonymous and go for the dating with guys then all you have to do is to give your credentials in a covered manner so that you cannot be located easily. If you need to you can even create an email id just for the sole purpose of registering on this website.
  5. This website is based on which country?
    As for now silver daddies is mostly for the United States, and it comprises of 63% of United States citizens, and the rest of the 37% is comprised of Canadian citizens.
  6. What is the Alexa ranking of this website?
    The Alexa ranking of this website is right now 18326 which is absolutely incredible and makes the users assured about its high-end performance.
  7. Who can use this website?
    Only the people who are homosexual and wants to date gay guys will be able to have an added advantage over this silverdaddies website. If you identify yourself as straight, then there is hardly any way in which you will be able to find a match for you.

Bottom note

If you really want to use this website and find the perfect match that you have been craving for then all you have to do is to log on to and follow the terms and conditions of the website use. Once you abide by all the rules and regulations, there will be no way in which you will feel disappointed with this website. The only downside of this platform is that you will have to pay, but once you explore the free segment, there is no reason why you would not like it.